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Buddy Bucket All Purpose Cleaner making machine

Just Add Water




Clean, shine and protect your car in just ten minutes,

with one bucket of water, rims and all

free for two years!


New Nano Technology has created the first make your own All Purpose cleaning solution. Whenever you need to clean just add water.

Save on Every Use

The more you use your Buddy Bucket

the more money you will save.









Buddy Bucket - Turning Water Into Savings $$$ For TWO YEARS!


    Buddy Bucket allows you to create your own All Purpose Cleaner, a chemical free all natural cleaning solution, by just adding ordinary tap water to the bucket. No chemicals, and no suds allows you to apply the Buddy Bucket solution to any surface without the need to rinse.


Use your triple action Buddy Bucket to create your own solution to clean, shine and protect.


You can clean:


  • Automobiles, inside and out including any type rim and leave a great shine, no water hose needed. Used by classic car owners to help win Best in Show.
  • Laundry, just add a cup of the solution to your wash, add more to your fabric softener to add more cleaning. Most users report no need to add fabric softeners and no fading of dark colors. Add bleach or an oxy product for brigthening and stain removal
  • Carpet stains, without the stain returning
  • Windows and mirrors, add the solution to a clean spray bottle to clean glass and other hard surfaces
  • Electric Stove top clean up
  • Granite, Plexiglass, marble, tile, porcelain, 
  • Floors
  • Polished brass 


All Purose Cleaner Uses:


  • Auto, boat and home
  • Camping and hiking, just dip your bucket in any stream or river to make an environmentally safe cleaning solution for clothes, auto, eating utensils
All Purpose Cleaner A view of the Nano-module inside your Buddy Bucket.

Buddy Bucket works on nano-technology by harnessing the cleaning agent available in sea water. Sea Water is a natural surfactant that exists due to the natural degrading of organic matter in sea water. The foam you see at the oceans edge is not pollution from our detergents but is naturally occurring.


We have developed a proprietary plastic for releasing the cleaning power of the ocean through nano-technology.  That ocean cleaning power is released through the Nano-module walls imbedded in the Buddy Bucket. Inside the module is sea water and granulated minerals. Adding ordinary tap water to the bucket allows you to create an All Purpose cleaning solution.  For disinfecting, just add bleach or pine oil. You can now have the freedom to make your own all natural multipurpose cleaning solution, whenever and wherever you want absolutely FREE with your purchase of the Buddy Bucket!



All Purpose Cleaner

Harnessing the power of sea water and minerals.

Buddy-Bucket 2 gallon
59.95 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Buddy-Bucket includes an auto wheel cleaning brush, a microfiber towel and a scotch pad. We also offer a large 5 gallon size for big jobs and a 1 gallon size for handy around the home cleaning. See Purchase page for order other sizes. Two day delivery in the US.


Buddy-Bucket is a Division of Dust Braker LLC which will appear on your bill.

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